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Welcome to the U.S. National Kubb Championship rules webpage. The U.S. Championship started in and is located in Eau Claire, WI, officially The Kubb. These rules are authorized as official by the U.S. National Kubb Championship, and have been designed in spirit to promote a fair and enjoyable tournament. What is considered “in bounds” when raising a kubb? The official rule for the U.S. National Kubb Championships is that 50% of the kubb must be in bounds.

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The center stakes are placed in the middle of the sidelines. The king is placed upright in the center of the pitch, and the kubbs are placed on the baselines short edges of the rectanglefive kubbs on ruels side equidistant from each other.

The major reason for this is that we want all players to be as safe and possible and have the opportunity to observe the offensive team to help determine if they are following rules. Here rulfs can leave information about the transmission of personal data to Facebook.

The corner stakes are placed so that a rectangle is formed, measuring 5m x 8m. The king is placed in rhles centre of the pitch, halfway between baselines. The pitch is ready for play. Kubb Rules Kubb is a lawn game where the object is to knock over wooden blocks by throwing wooden sticks at them. The second team, who we’ll call Kibb Lannister, may choose the side of rulez pitch it would rkles to play from. Each throw must be underhand and the baton must spin end over end. There is no official tournament kubb rulea in the U.

This almost never happens, though. The center stakes are placed in the middle of the sidelines long edges of the rectanglewhich divides the pitch into two halves. The king is placed upright in the center of the pitch, and five kubbs are placed on each baseline. Throws must be under-handed, and the sticks must spin end over end. Rhles a thrown kubb knocks over an existing baseline or field kubb, then the field kubbs are raised at the location where they rest, and baseline kubbs are raised at their original location.

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If that team still has sticks left to throw, they may make one attempt at knocking over the king In Somerset, as a sporting gesture, right-handers will attempt this using the left hand, and vice versa. If they are unable to knock down all of their kubbs and the king, then the first team picks up all knocked down kubbs, throws them into play as field kubbs, and then tries to knock them over with the batons.

While using Facebook plug-ins, a connection is established enabling the share of content with other users. After saying that, it is very difficult to make this throw legally according to the rules and Kubb United recommends applying some visible vertical rotation to the throw to make it easier to determine if the throw is legally thrown. If at any time a team does not knock down all the field kubbs in their opponents half of the pitch, the other team is allowed to move up to the kubb rulew to the center line and throw their batons from that new line.

Am I allowed to step over the line after I release the baton? Kubb works on a sandy beach, an ice-covered lake, or a fairly level part of your own yard. Your momentum is not allowed to carry kunb past the line after you throw. Kubb can be quickly described as a combination of bowling, horseshoes, and chess.

How Kubb Works

This rule applies to field and baseline kubbs only; ruules kubbs are thrown from the original baseline, as are attempts to knock over the king. The baseline should run through the center of the kubbs. Some stores sell versions of the game that don’t even remotely resemble the original, so be sure to double-check a product before you buy. Account My account My product comparison My wish list.

Kubbs starting the game on the baseline rkles referred to as base kubbs. Some phases and situations in kubb can be complicated and potentially indefinable by any ruleset.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. How to Build a Backyard Horseshoe Pit. These newly thrown kubbs are called ruled kubbs. In addition, kubb sets are in the local schools, with some schools having kubb units in physical education classes and kubb clubs.


The game can be played on a variety of surfaces such as grass, sand, concrete, snow, or even ice. For the band, see Kubb band. A word of note about some of these games sets: Do all 10 kubbs have to ruels knocked down and then the king in order to win the game?

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If you make your game pieces from foam, you can even play inside. You can establish your pitch nearly anywhere. Corner stakes are placed so that a mubb is formed. Kubb is typically played on a rectangular pitch approximately 5 m by 8 m.

Kubb – Wikipedia

This is also a foul. If a thrower successfully topples the king, his team has won the game.

How to Play Kubb Poster. This article needs additional citations for verification. The baseline kubb is stood back to its original location. Rulees a logical extension of the closest existing rule or the principles embodied in the rules will provide guidance for determining the resolution. Throwing sticks sideways or spinning them side-toside is not allowed. The kubbs are set up across each baseline, five to a side.

If that kubb comes to rest outside the field of play a second time, it becomes a punishment kubb, ruels the other team is allowed to place it wherever they would like within one baton length of the king or marking stakes.

The game begins with the first team throwing their batons from behind their baseline, attempting to knock down the kubbs on the opposite baseline. However, if a team knocks down the king prior to knocking down all the kubbs, then that team immediately loses the game. Kubb can be described as a combination of bowling and horseshoes.

There are tournaments in the U. In a perfect game, Team Stark would strike down each of the Lannister kubbs and still have one baton remaining, which it would then use to knock over the king and then end the game.